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ప్రాథమిక ఆరోగ్య సంరక్షణ: ఓపెన్ యాక్సెస్

ISSN - 2167-1079


What Women Do Before Pregnancy A Preconception Care of Women in Mizan Aman town Southwest Ethiopia A Mixed Study

Melsew Setegn

Background: Preconception care is highly important in reducing a number of adverse pregnancy outcomes and helps to improve maternal health but a little is known in Ethiopia and its utilization status is not well studied. There is limited study on pre-pregnancy care in Ethiopia in general and in study area in particular. So, this study aimed to determine preconception care utilization and associated factors among women in Mizan-Aman town, Southwest Ethiopia.

Methods: A community based cross-sectional study design was employed from April 16 to May 26, 2020 in Mizan-Aman town. Data were collected by using pre-tested interviewer administered questionnaires and entered into Epi-data version 3.1 then exported to and analyzed by using SPSS version 24. Statistical significance was assessed by using multivariable logistic regression analysis by determining odds ratios and 95% confidence interval.

Results: The level of preconception care utilization was 16.2%. Being attended tertiary education, planning to pregnancy, good knowledge toward preconception care and previous experience of adverse pregnancy outcome were predictors of preconception care use. Qualitative finding also explored that maternal, health facility and community factors that hinder preconception care utilization.

Conclusion: Low preconception care utilization sought the unfamiliarity of the women or the couples with the availability and potential benefits of preconception care. Planning to pregnancy, previous adverse pregnancy outcome, maternal educational status and good knowledge towards preconception care were identified as factors for preconception care utilization. Improving women’s knowledge on preconception care, improve the women planning pregnancy status and creating intervention that addresses adverse pregnancy outcome are recommended.