Changing paradigms in Maxillary Sinus management and alveola | 57068

జనరల్ డెంటిస్ట్రీ జర్నల్


Changing paradigms in Maxillary Sinus management and alveolar Augmentation in modern 3D implant dentistry

Dr. Rajesh Dashaputra

Implant dentistry defined the next step beyond routine modalities of salvaging dilapidated dentition with root canals, crowns and bridges. Major focus turned towards full arch rehabilitations on implants but limitations were in negotiating critical anatomic structures like the maxillary sinus, and the inferior alveolar nerve or poor bone anatomy. Modern dentistry with sophistication in 3D diagnostic technologies, evolution in tools for surgical management of bone and newer biomaterials in grafting ranging from bone substitutes, barrier membranes and use of Platelet Rich Plasma and growth factors now yieldsbetter, bolder and predictable outcomes to rehabilitations which earlier was considered difficult.