A Short Review on Community Health for Chronic Disease | 88997

ప్రాథమిక ఆరోగ్య సంరక్షణ: ఓపెన్ యాక్సెస్

ISSN - 2167-1079


A Short Review on Community Health for Chronic Disease

Brandon Ortega

Community health is a prominent topic of research in the medical and clinical sciences that focuses on the preservation, protection, and enhancement of demographic groups and communities' health. It is a discrete subject of study that may be taught in a separate public or environmental health school. They are especially crucial in rural areas with inadequate health resources, especially culturally competent and tailored care. CHWs frequently disclose personal information with the people they assist, such as race, socioeconomic position, language, and medical conditions. While CHWs have typically worked with racial and ethnic minorities, they have expanded their services to include rural, urban, and underserved communities in recent years. Policymakers and executives in the health-care industry are paying close attention to interventions that address socioeconomic determinants of health. Part of the attraction stems from the prospect of a profit. Many current returns on investment estimates are likely inflated since they are based on pre-post study designs that are prone to regression to the mean